Charter without license

What is charter without a sailing license?

In Poland chartering without a sailing licence is possible on boats whose maximum speed does not exceed 15 KM per hour. After a short training conducted by the skipper you can legally drive a yacht on the route of the Great Masurian Lakes. Charter is type of rental which is most flexible than normal rent when you rent for 1 day and longer. Chartering without a sailing licence is the most frequently chosen option when chartering motor yachts in Masuria. We also have at your disposal fast motor boats and water scooters in Giżycko, however to steering them you have to a rank of motorboat helmsman or higher (sailing licence).

Is it safe to charter on Masuria without a license?

The legislation that changed the availability of renting motor boats in Masuria has been going on from several years. According to police statistics, it has not had a negative impact on safety. The same opinion is held by lifeguards who take care of our safety on the route of the Great Masurian Lakes. The training that everyone who rents a yacht without a license should go through has passed its test. Walking motor yachts are equipped with safety measures. It is worth to check the equipment of a yacht if it is the first time you rent a yacht from a given skipper.

Sailing without a license is an everyday occurrence on the Great Masurian Lakes. The number of yachts and motor boats that can be driven without a license has increased dramatically. However, before setting sail it is worth to know the rules of navigating on the water in order to minimize the possibility of damaging your yacht. Before you set sail, download and install the sailing app available for Android and IOS. You will find there up-to-date maps of the water areas and you will avoid running aground which can result in damage to your boat and interruption of your cruise. We invite you to charter a motor yacht or a houseboat.

Our yachts

We especially recommend chartering the yachts Platinum 989 VIP and Platinum 989 VIP Flybridge. These are the flagship yachts of the renowned Delphia brand, which for thirty years has specialized in the production of yachts, now exclusively motor yachts. Customers will appreciate the functional design of the yachts and the three comfortable cabins (bow cabin with its own bathroom and WC), full-height interior, panoramic windows, spacious saloon cockpit and modern technological solutions that make sailing and maneuvering the yacht easier. These yachts are equipped, among others, with a 50 hp engine, two thrusters, an electric windlass, a SIMRAD plotter with maps of the Great Masurian Lakes and a compass. Music lovers will certainly be interested in the radio with Bluetooth function and families with children will be pleased with two flat TVs. Fans of water swimming can use the bathing platform. The yachts are equipped with Webasto heating with an exit to the cabins and the cockpit, which allows for comfortable sailing even on colder days or outside the strict summer season.

A cheaper and also attractive solution is to charter a Nautika 1000 Prestige or Nautika 830 MC, also from the Delphia shipyard. The advantage of yachts Nautika 1000 is their economy and low fuel consumption with good maneuverability. Our Nautika 1000 yacht is equipped with a 29 hp diesel engine, two thrusters, a navigation system with maps of the Great Masurian Lakes, Raymarine ST 40 Tridata instruments for reading such things as depth, speed or water temperature and a compass. An interesting feature is an additional steering wheel and a helmsman position at the bow. The roof rails are a convenience for families with children, and the low draft allows mooring to a quay not only in the harbor, but also “in the wild”. Nautica 830 MC, on the other hand, is a convertible type of yacht, specially designed and adapted to discover the beauty of Masuria. The yacht’s draught is only 47 centimetres, which makes it possible to explore less touristic places in close contact with nature, and the installed solar panels will ensure that the batteries are charged even when you miss the harbours. The yacht has been equipped with a 25 hp outboard engine with trim, a bow thruster, a Garmin 421 S fishfinder with maps of the Great Masurian Lakes, an LDC TV with DVD and a radio with CD and MP3.

In our offer of yacht charters in Masuria there is also a semi-slip Balt 918 Tytan. Choosing this model means high quality at an attractive price. Balt 918 Tytan is one of the yachts produced in August 2020 by shipyard Balt Yacht, excellently rated and nominated in the contest: Yacht of the Year in Poland 2020 in the category of special motor yachts. These yachts are characterized by well-thought-out, stylish and ergonomic interior, conducive to integration and spending time together by the whole crew. Particular attention is drawn to the sunny, beautifully glazed cockpit combined with a dining and lounge area. Such a solution guarantees unforgettable views and comfort in any weather. The yacht is additionally equipped with a solar battery charging system. The powerful 60hp Mercury SeaPro engine with electric trim and bow thruster significantly increase the yacht’s manoeuvrability, and its shallow draft allows for interesting expeditions to less accessible parts of Masuria. Thanks to Webasto heating, you can comfortably travel and use our yachts also outside the summer season.