Ekomarina harbor In Giżycko

Ekomarina harbor plan
Plan of Ekomarina harbor in Giżycko

Home port of our vessels

Ekomarina in Giżycko is a modern passenger harbour located in the very centre of the city with full technical and sanitary facilities, improving the safety of passengers and carriers. It was built in Giżycko in 2010. In this harbour, locate over the Niegocin lake, all our vessels moor waiting for you at Quei A.



Fees for persons staying on the yacht

  • adults and children over 6 years of age – 19 PLN/person
  • childrens under 6 years of age – 2 PLN/day

Prices for the parking for passenger cars

  • up to 30 min. – free
  • up to 1 hour – 4 PLN
  • 6 – 12 hours – 21 PLN
  • 1 day – 44 PLN
  • 1 week – 220 PLN

Parking of trailers and vehicles other than cars is prohibited.

There is a charging station for electric cars in the harbour car park. Two stations for simultaneous charging with a power of 22kW.

The per person fee includes unlimited use of the following services and facilities: toilets, showers, sinks, dishwasher, kitchen, washer, dryer, iron and chemical toilet emptying and cleaning room.

Access to the spaces with the aforementioned services and facilities is enabled by a HARBORCARD (proximity card issued at the cash desk).

For the issuance of the HARBORCARD is charged refundable deposit,


EKOMARINA (name of the harbor) is located in a very attractive place, 500 m from the city centre, between the walking pier on the Niegocin lake and the railway tracks and next to the main walking route of Giżycko connecting the tourist areas and the Niegocin lake.

In the vicinity of EKOMARINA is a footbridge over the tracks that was built with stairs on both sides of the promenade and a lift for the disabled and people with prams. It is an excellent view point, but most importantly the footbridge will connect the harbour and the quay of the Niegocin lake with the city centre and the promenadewhere there is a tourist complex and tenement houses with cafes, restaurants and apartments.

In the main EKOMARINA building that has an area of almost 2500 m2 is locate a harbour master’s office and cash desk, tourist information centre, restaurant, service premises, nautical shops, police station and water rescue unit station. There is also a view tower, an observation deck and a conference room.

In the next building there are sanitary facilities, a kitchen for servicing the port and a laundry. There is also a large parking lot with 172 spaces.

There is also a large camping area on the harbour. The whole facility including the dock and car park is monitored 24 hours a day.

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