Houseboats at Masuria in Poland

Houseboat it’s a house on the boat where you can normaly live and travel at the same time. Houseboats has been popular in Western Europe for a long time however at Masura are relatively new. Recently it conquers Masuria and other inland waters. It’s popularity thanks to the ease of use and comfort. The boat is equipped with lockable cabins, a toilet, a bathroom with hot water, a stove, heating and almost all the comforts of home. In short, a houseboat is a motor vessel of the highest living standards. Renting a houseboat is possible without any license! That is why houseboat charter is fast becoming very popular in many waters. See also Charter Without License.

What exacly is a houseboat

A houseboat, or motor vessel, is a combination of a camper and a boat. The boat was designed first and foremost for safety, comfort and ease of use. Lockable cabins, bathroom, heating, large living area and deck space are the main features of this type of boat. They has an outboard or inboard engine and thruster provide adequate maneuverability. Almost all houseboats available for charter in Masuria are of Polish production and their number is growing rapidly. Thanks to this they are realy modern and high quality vessels.

Houseboat on the route of Great Masurian Lakes

Thanks to its advantages, houseboat is becoming more and more popular on Masuria. Recently dominated vessels on Polish lakes were by sailing yachts, often homemade. Their charter requires a sailing license. There is also no question of living in comfortable conditions as in the case of houseboats. On average housboats can accommodate 4-6 crew on board.

How to charter a motor yacht in houseboat standard

Houseboat charter is very easy. Just type in the phrase “houseboat charter Masuria” into the web search engine and choose the most suitable one from the huge number of offers. The offer is varied. In summer, charter “ad hoc” (on the spot) can be difficult. However, it happens that in such ports as Giżycko or Sztynort there is a possibility of chartering “on the spot”. Houseboat yacht charter requires only showing an ID and paying. Most of these houses on the water can be chartered without a license.

The difference between a houseboat and other yachts

The design, equipment, and purpose of a houseboat and other motor yachts differ. Houseboat units are designed with family, recreational sailing on calm inland waters in mind. The houseboat was not created to provide adrenaline to its helmsman. It is meant to provide the crew with the greatest possible living comfort and ease of use. Therefore, it is an ideal unit for spending a holiday on the water for families with children and all those who value comfort and peace. The most popular are boats for 4-6 people, and the largest can accommodate even 10!

Motor yacht houseboat rental

Thanks to the offered advantages, the rental of motor houseboats is becoming more and more popular. In Masuria, every year you can see an increasing number of these units, while the fleet of sailing yachts is growing much slower. Comfort, ease of use, and charter without a license are undoubtedly the main source of the brilliant “career” of these units. The year 2024 will probably witness another increase in the production of houseboats.

What permissions are required for chartering a houseboat yacht?

No permissions are needed for chartering a motorized houseboat. Current regulations in Poland state that operating watercraft with an engine power up to 10 kW (13.6 HP) on inland waters does not require any specific permissions. The laws are even more lenient for pleasure boats, including houseboats. Operating motorized vessels with an engine power up to 75 kW (approximately 100 HP), a length of up to 13 meters, and a speed limited to 15 km/h does not require a license. Therefore, chartering a houseboat is practically accessible to everyone, and many companies explicitly advertise “charter without a license” in their offerings.

“Why is ‘houseboat Mazury’ a popular search term on the internet?”

Sailing a houseboat is easy, enjoyable, and comfortable. The helmsman of this yacht doesn’t need a license. Due to its shallow draft and high maneuverability, such a yacht can reach places inaccessible to other boats. That’s why the phrase “charter houseboat Mazury” is frequently entered into internet search engines, contributing to the increasing popularity of houseboats on the Mazury lakes year by year. In the 2024 season, undoubtedly, even more of these yachts will be cruising the Mazury lakes.

“The Great Masurian Lakes Trail”

Since the end of World War II, the Masurian Lakes Trail has become the most popular inland waterway in Poland. Ports such as Mikołajki, Giżycko, and Sztynort are visited by thousands of sailors and motorboat enthusiasts every year. The tourist infrastructure is rapidly expanding, offering a significantly greater variety. Masuria is known for its clean air, clear water, and pure joy of being in nature. Watching the sunset over the lake from the deck of a yacht is a different experience compared to a hotel terrace. It’s no wonder that more and more people choose to explore Masuria by yacht each year, making yacht charters very popular.

Family vacations by the lakes

A houseboat is an ideal proposition for a family vacation in Mazury. Relative to its size, it provides the crew with a maximized living space. Spacious enclosed cabins, a shower, heating, and hot water not only offer comfort but also considerable autonomy. With a houseboat, you can move in any direction, sleep, prepare, and enjoy meals. It moves slowly but is stable and safe. There’s plenty of space on board, allowing for sunbathing, relaxation, and children’s play. The houseboat is equipped with a quiet-running engine. For those who value tranquility, comfort, and safety, a holiday charter of a houseboat is certainly a worthy option to consider.


A houseboat is an extraordinary combination of a motorboat, camping cabin, and kitchen. The yacht provides the crew with maximum comfort at a relatively affordable price. Available charters offer units of various standards, production years, and prices, providing the opportunity for choice to every customer. A houseboat cruise is the perfect way to relax on the Masurian Lakes not only in the summer.

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