Water scooter – Giżycko

License required
Skuter wodny Sea Doo Spark 3up - 90KM - wynajem Giżycko
  • Up to 3 persons  
  • Engine 90 hp  
  • iBS  

Sea-Dog's SPARK 3up water scooter, with its lightweight and durable design and powerful engine, provides an extraordinary boating experience. The engine provides high power with relatively low fuel consumption.

Cena od 400 PLN/hour



To book a water scooter contact with us by phone at +48 691 958 979, email [email protected] or write on the Chat at the bottom right corrner of this page.


Time periodPrice
  • 400 PLN/hour
  • 1 000 PLN/day

1000 PLN

A refundable deposit is payable upon delivery of the boat, and is settled upon completion.

To rent a water scooter sailing license is REQUIRED!


The water scooter is docked in the EkoMarina harbor in Gizycko.


When it comes to fun, nothing beats Sea Doo’s Spark model. Its unique design and maneuverability. It’s will make a smile appear on the face of anyone who has sailed it. It is easy to drive and gives up to 3 people the opportunity to have fun at the same time. Its lightweight 90 hp Rotax 900 HO ACE engine provides dynamic acceleration and can accelerate the scooter up to 80 km/h (under optimal conditions), while consuming only 9 liters of gasoline per hour.

The iBS (intelligent Brake and Reverse System) provides a much shorter braking distance and gives much better maneuverability to this watercraft. This system can be used for swimming in a straight line, in turns, at low as well as high speeds, and allows swimming backwards improving maneuverability. It also provides a significant improvement in the safety and capabilities of the scooter, enabling a reduction in stopping distance by up to 33%.

The vessel has also the acessories as a front storage compartment for small stuffs and a rear footboard for the easy boarding.

Specyfikacja technicznA

ModelSpark 3up – 90 hp
Width1,18 meters
Overall length3,05 meters
Weight192 kilograms
Max. number of people3
Max. payload (with passengers)205 kilograms
EngineRotax 900 HO ACE
Engine power90 hp
Additional featuresiBS (intelligent Brake and Reverse System)
Additional equipmentFront storage compartment, rear footboard

WHAT IS A water scooter?

Water scooter is a type of motor boat designed for sports and recreation on the water. Water scooters differ from other motorized craft on the water in that:

  • The crew sits on a saddle that resembles a motorcycle saddle.
  • The scooter develops considerable speed, which gives users great satisfaction
  • Watercraft have a small crew (generally 1-2 people)

A jet ski is one of the many attractions offered by charter companies operating in Masuria. The price of renting such a boat is seins 300 to 700 polish zloty (PLN) per hour. Yachts of this type are rapidly conquering not only the coastal beaches, but also the Mazury region. The 2023 season will probably be another year of growth in the watercraft fleet.

What is needed to rent a water scooter?

You generally need a motorboat helmsman’s license to use water scooter. If you do not have them and you want to enjoy the attraction of sailing by scooter it is almost always possible that the rental company will provide you a scooter with an instructor. The price of such rental of course will be correspondingly higher (from 400 PLN per hour in 2023).

However, almost every rental company also offers charters for yachts with low engine power, that is without a sailing license.

Motor yachts that develop high speeds are equipped with correspondingly powerful engines. For example, a Yamaha water scooter has an engine with a power of 60 to over 200 horsepower! In short, there is power in a Yamaha scooter!

The website of almost every rental company includes information on what the rental price is and which scooters can be chartered without a license.

A motorboat helmsman’s license needed for chartering jet skis and other motor boats can be obtained at a course, which generally lasts 1-2 days (the price of training is about 500 PLN). With a license not only the Mazurian lakes stand open, so the price of the course and the license is a good investition.

Are jet skis expensive to operate?

Water scooters are not always expensive to operate and renting them does not have to be expensive. Boats of this type are usually offered by the hour. In the season 2023 use for an hour costs is from 400 to 800 PLN per hour depending on the model and vintage. Almost every scooter rental company operates flexibly allowing the use of a scooter for either half an hour or a whole day. In general the cost of the used fuel should be added to the rental price.

The average cost of renting a scooter for a whole day is from 600 PLN plus the price of fuel.

Where can you rent a jet ski in Mazury?

You can rent a jet ski almost anywhere in Masuria. The largest ports, such as Giżycko, Mikołajki or Piękna Góra the attractions offered give the opportunity to use water scooters.

The rental company’s website not only gives an idea of what the price of a charter is but often allows you to booking online.


Masuria is an ideal body of water for sailing. The adventure with the water begins there for several-year-old children, as well as sailing with various types of boats their parents and grandparents. Masuria offers the possibility of chartering almost any type of sailing equipment.

One of them is a water scooter – no water sport gives you such an adrenaline rush as a scooter!